Horn Tools Mercedes X-Class roof rack black NAVIS

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Roof rack Modular System NAVIS

The NAVIS roof rack was developed as a modular system.

Made of high quality aluminum tube, the NAVIS is not only very light, but also extremely stiff.

The high load capacity of 300kg is unique in this segment.

We have chosen airline mounts so you can continue to use your fittings on our system.

The NAVIS builds down so low that the overall height of the vehicle is not changed compared to the original railing.

We test each system on the vehicle until the result satisfies us. 

- Extremely low construction
36 integrated airline breakpoints 
Lighting shots               

Facts: - load capacity 300kg static 100kg dynamic *

- Fuel consumption & wind noise Optimized by pipe technology

- Extremely low construction. Overall vehicle height does not change compared to the original railing**

- Lighting shots in the front panel for all common LED bars

- 36 integrated airline breakpoints

- 6 mounting points of the support bracket to distribute the weight evenly on the roof.

- roof tent suitable

- Use of original pickup points (no drilling or flexing)

- the carrier can be easily dismantled

- Modular design - When changing vehicles you can take your NAVIS roof rack with you. You only need another roof rack foot.

- 5-piece design - easy replacement of a component if damaged

- High quality powder coated aluminum 5052

- 5 years warranty

- TÜV & vehicle manufacturer tested quality

- Roof rack is only 12.5kg

- CAR SWAP - When changing the vehicle, you only need a new roof rack foot
Designed for roof tents & awnings

Exams and certificates: The roof racks were tested by Mercedes-Benz for the X-Class and granted a manufacturer's approval. In addition, the NAVIS has a TÜV test. Every single roof rack is tested before powder coating and measured in a special gauge. After that he is assembled to the rehearsal. 
This ensures that every wearer fits. We drive countless kilometers - on & offroad, with & without load - to offer you a perfectly coordinated roof rack for your vehicle. We test each growing system until it fits perfectly to your vehicle and works well.

* The dynamic load capacity is not the release of the manufacturer for the roof load. The roof load from the manufacturer must not be exceeded. The static load indicates the load capacity at standstill. 

** For roof rack without railing and cargo. Slight deviations depending on the vehicle type possible.

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Technische Details


The roof rack was tested while driving on various vehicles about 1500km to noise and strength.

The conclusion is, the additional wind noise is minimal due to the round tube and does not bother any further.

From 120-140 km / h, the wind noise in roof racks noticeably stronger.

In exceptional cases, a louder wind noise or a roaring occur, often the reason is a strain of the wearer,

since the vehicle and the carrier have tolerances in the production.

In these cases, it usually helps to dislodge the carrier again and to build up tension-free.

If there are still disturbing wind noise, the installation of a spoiler or additional LED lamps will help.

On the brackets you have the opportunity with the M8 screws to fasten a little laterally.

Each side thus has 6 additional attachment points.

Delivery: - Navis basic carrier - Roof rack foot - Installation material and installation instructions
Accessories on request
 Removable front Reling

-Zwulli - Multi clamping bracket with 3x M8 thread
- Airline & Quick Fist mounts
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